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DO NOT rent from District Realty!
This posting is a factual, honest and sincere message to potential renters of the Ottawa area. If you value your time, money, patience and sanity, avoid renting from District Realty at all costs.
Having experienced the many faults and downfalls of this rental company, I can assure you that looking elsewhere for your rental needs is the best decision.
They permit illegal activity on the premises: (such as drug use and allowing tenants to reside in units wherein they are not on the lease) and should you complain, they will lie to you and claim that the situation will be dealt with... These claims however are merely to waste weeks and months of your time, causing you undue stress, when you are left to realize that they have no intention of doing anything other than repeatedly lie to you. It is not a safe environment in which to raise children.
District Realty takes no proactive stance whatsoever and should you question why things weren't dealt with, they will claim that you are lying and instead defend the guilty party. This is due to the fact that District Realty cares only for your rent money and nothing more...
The units are only repaired/upgraded when tenants move out. Should you request that faulty or damaged items be replaced, you will receive a quick patch job and nothing more. (Example: water pipes taped together, fire alarm battery 4 years expired)
Escalating your complaints to District Realty's head office regarding any of the aforementioned criteria is also a waste of your time... they will ultimately defend their deceitful, unscrupulous administration's lies as again, they only care for your rent money and not your rights as a tenant, or your desire to have a peaceful existence in your unit.
This company is so poorly run it believes that a maintenance team of two older gentlemen should perform the exhausting task of shoveling snow for the entirety of the winter, all while managing to keep the building up to par.
Take my word for it, avoid District Realty and choose an honest, worthwhile and reputable rental company whose office admin possesses a moral compass.

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